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A thank you letter to the Veterans Administration.

Thank You for 02:59.

Thank You through my  next finish line.

For never saying "Never"

And for never Saying "Can't"

There was always a new Challenge

and you always lead the chant.

You pushed me on to Victory.

The likes of which most never seen.

My winning lap among the stars!

Ha, I even got to race fast cars.

I feel a Duty now to Thank You!

And so With all of me i say,

Thank You for my three right feet!

My Joy!

And your help along my way.

Apologize Quick

As a kid I knew the taste of my foot in my mouth.  

I'd apologize quick if I wanted It out.

Around the world there is no doubt.

Mom and Dad steadfast helped me figure it out.

Was bitter at first, not easy, I'd pout.

Want to leave it to somebody else to figure out.

Because you see it wasn't my fault.

I'd risk the world to figure that out.

Well, i won't!  Because I can't, I already did.

Mom and Dad helped me figure this out as a Kid.

Written March 2nd, 2022 in New Prague MN.

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If all the earth a flower.

People could be seeds

Seeds who sew their Purpose.

We design Our needs

Teh flower soon to Perish

Common Cost to Breed

Unless we Work together

How can we succeed?

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