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An Epic journey through fear to courage

A story of trauma, transformation, and triumph 


Keith Deutsch's life has been an incredible journey of resilience and growth, starting from his early years on a small farm in a rural area. At a young age, Keith faced the devastating loss of his father, Ron, who passed away from melanoma in his 30s. The loss introduced him to fear and ignited his knee-jerk emotion,  rage, which quickly evolved into boundless courage.


At just 11 years old, Keith completed his first half marathon, finding solace in running and the ability to momentarily escape the pain of missing his father. This marked the beginning of a profound transformation, where Keith learned to channel his rage into unwavering courage.


Years later, after witnessing the events of 9/11 while a senior in high school, Keith was inspired to join the Army and become a United States Soldier. His dedication and exceptional performance led to rapid promotions and numerous awards, including an Army Achievement Ribbon and an Army Commendation Medal for his exemplary work during pre-deployment exercises.


Deployed to Iraq, Keith demonstrated immense valor in combat and was recommended for the Bronze Star Medal after his first engagement. Despite facing significant injuries, including shrapnel wounds to 80% of his body from an RPG attack, Keith's courage and bravery were recognized with a Bronze Star Medal and a Purple Heart Medal, presented by President George W. Bush himself.


Almost immediately Keith saw the advantage in his injuries, refusing to let anything hold him back. Determined to return to his passion for snowboarding, he innovated a mechanism to ride on his prosthetic leg. His resilience and perseverance caught the attention of the global prosthetics community, where he championed new technologies for the sport and competed on the World Cup tour and in the  Winter X Games for three consecutive years on  prosthetic legs he had a part in developing.


Keith's adventurous spirit, never die attitude, and fearless courage have  taken him kayaking 250 miles down the Grand Canyon, climbing to the highest point in Europe, racing rally cars at breakneck speeds, as well as scuba diving some of the worlds most beautiful reefs.  Throughout his life, he has harnessed his fears, transforming them into courage, passion, and in the best moments: compassion.


Now, Keith is on a mission to share his incredible journey and inspire others to overcome their fears, unlock their potential, and embrace resilience. He believes that we all possess the power to change the world and invites you to join him on this transformative path.


Book Keith Deutsch for your next event, and embark on a life-changing experience filled with inspiration, laughter, and the wisdom of triumphs. Together, let's discover the superhero within ourselves.


Keith's mission is to affect the change the world needs by sharing his experiences with others

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