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A life full of Achievement

Keith grew up on a small farm within a five-county metro area.  His dad (Ron) got sick when Keith was still young.  Ron Deutsch never made it to see 40.  Dying of melanoma while still in his 30s.  This is when Keith was introduced to fear.  And his knee jerk response to it; his rage, and eventually his Courage.   Starting immediately with the completion of his first marathon the year after Ron Died, Keith was 11 at the time.   "Nothing hurt as bad as missing, Dad.  But I could turn off the pain while I was running."  This was how Keith learned to focus his Rage into endless Courage.  Years later after watching 9/11/01 as a senior in high school on TV he enlisted in the Army to be trained as a United States Soldier.  Gaining rank in Basic Training Keith kept gaining Rank and awards.  Retiring medically after combat injuries only a year into service, Keith served for 18 months total.  In that time, he made E-5, Keith retired a Sergeant.  Alongside 5 promotions in 18 months came numerous awards.  His first being an AAR, Army Achievement Ribbon. Second was a an ARCOM, Army Accommodation Medal, for a work during pre-deployment exercises.  Once trained Keith went to War.  He was Recommended for the Bronze Star Medal after his first engagement.  However, his commander felt his rank was still insufficient for the award.  However, on Aug. 29th, 2003, Keith's rank proved insignificant when he was hit by an RPG while defending his convoy near Tikrit, Iraq.  Keith was awarded a BSM this time for his Courage and Valor in the face of these life threatening injuries including shrapnel injuries to 80% of his body. President George W. Bush later fixed Keith's Purple Heart Medal to his chest at Walter Reed in Washington.  Keith was also awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor in the face of the wounds. After which It took Keith 90 days to recover enough to get back on snow and climb back up the hill to snowboard.  One way or the other Keith was going to get back to the sport he has become professional at already years earlier, as a PSIA certified snowboard instructor.  Devastated after his first day on snow he invented a mechanism to keep riding.  Within a few more years he was championing new technology in Prosthetics all around the world with the US national Team as he helped to reinvent the sport for people with lower limb injuries.  Keith eventually rode 3 consecutive years in the Winter X Games on prosthetic Legs that he was able to help develop and advance.  Keith has kayaked the Grand Cannon, Climbed to the highest point on the European continent and driven Rally cars 90 MPH sideways in the heat of the race.  Keith has spent his life overcoming his fears by transmuting and focusing them into Courage, Passion, and Compassion.  He has found enough of it to change the world and he wants to show you how


Keith's mission has now become to affect the change He would like to see in the world by sharing his experiences with others

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