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With his book, "Echoes Of Reslilience"
Keith is ready to take the stage at your event and show your group how to turn Trauma into Triumph!

"Encouraging people to face thier Dragons"


Motivational Speaking - LIVE 
Contact Information,  Hi,  Im Keith

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Phone Number:  (952) 994-3642







Retired Army Sgt. and Winter X games snowboarder, Keith Deutsch takes the stage to share his stories describing how he lived through some exceptionally terrible days and not only survived but thrived!  "I would not have never made it to the winter X-Games if I still had two real legs." It is his hope that by sharing his story through fear and suffering great loss to find hope and eventually gratitude for everything in life.  Keith will inspire every audience to challenge the way they respond to their own struggles and tragic experiences in life by learning to respond with gratitude to any situation.

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