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"Encouraging youth and young adults to let their greatest challenges introduce them to their greatest gifts"

- Keith Deutsch -

Youth Motivational Speaking - LIVE 
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Sgt. Keith Deutsch takes the stage to share with youth and young adults the story of how he lived through exceptionally terrible days and not only survived, but thrived!  It is his hope that by sharing his story, he will inspire his audiences to challenge the way they respond to their own struggles and tragic experiences in life.

Youth Motivational Speaking - VIRTUAL

During a time when our youth are facing new and unprecedented challenges and our education system is exploring new platforms for reaching them, Sgt. Keith Deutsch takes his story online with a video version of his live speech with Q&A session delivered via video conference

My Story

After graduating high school I enlisted in the Army.  A big part of my decision was to protect my friends, family, and country from terrorist attacks and any future threats from foreign enemies.  The terrorist attacks on 9/11 was clearly a call to action, and I have no regrets that I decided to answer the call.  It was an easy decision to make.  To this day, despite my injury and loss of my leg, I am proud to be an advocate and strong supporter for all military branches, first responders, and many non profit organizations that provide financial assistance, as well as medical and emotional support for veterans.  I am proud to be an advocate for these incredible organizations.  I hope to inspire and encourage my military brothers and sisters, as well as all US Citizens.  One of the most effective ways for me to contribute is through public speaking.  Although it is challenging to speak about my injuries and trauma from the war in Iraq, I strongly feel that the message will help support my friends, combat veterans, and everyone who is currently enlisted and fighting for our country.  I believe I can make a difference, that my story will inspire and motivate people to push through adversity, life challenges, and physical and emotional injury.  I have been extremely fortunate for all of the support from my friends, family and country.  I am truly blessed, and am thankful to have a platform to pass this support onto everyone I can.